About Us


Our mission is to create sustainable value through the offer of services involving the registration, clearing, settlement, guarantee and custody of marketable securities and OTC contracts in an efficient and secure manner, in local and regional markets and exchanges.


We see ourselves as the leading clearing house and custody entity of financial derivatives instruments, marketable securities and OTC contracts among the local and regional markets and exchanges.


Working with transparency, commitment and integrity.

Our history:


In June Argentina Clearing was authorized by the National Securities Commission to act as an options and futures clearing house and, since November 2002 it has performed clearing activities for contracts concluded at ROFEX.


Among the many events that took place since its founding, it is worthwhile mentioning the award of Standard & Poor’s credit rating that enabled, since 2006, the entry of local and international banks.


Argentina Clearing S.A. acquired 20% of the capital stock of the technology company Primary S.A.


ACSA received the Gold category ISLQ (International Star for Leadership in Quality). In August that year, together with ROFEX, it decided to partake of the creation of Primary Ventures, a business incubator for the ROFEX/ACSA environment and/or companies with high-growth potential.


Since the sanction of the new Capital Market Act, ACSA was granted, in 2014, the authorization, under license no. 18, to act as clearing house for marketable securities. This, coupled with the interconnection agreements with other exchanges, allowed the company to materialize the expansion of services.


Launch of the OTC derivatives registration service.